District Clock Hour Opportunities

Category Position

A Course work: 24 per semester credit/16 per
quarter credit
D Curriculum Committee Member: 15 per year
E Staff Development Committee Member: 14 per
E Continuing Ed Committee: 10 per year
E CEA Officer: 15 per year
E CEA Building Rep: 10 per year
E Building Leadership Team Member: 15 per
E Sunshine Committee Member: 3 per year
E C.I.M.P (Special Ed): 30 per year
E Safety Committee Member: 10 per year

E MEEP: 15 per year
F Student Teacher: 24 per semester/16 per quarter, 30 max per
five year period
G1 Leadership Team (i.e. community, church, ect.): 3 per year/Max 
of 15 per 5 year renewal


**Please include an administrator signature to verify your position (they can sign anywhere on the form or you can attach a note detailing your participation).

**No credit is given if it is a salaried position, i.e. summer sports camps, summer coaching, teaching in your classroom, tournaments without workshops, fall inservice classroom time.

**Community leadership which is in relationship to the school must include student involvment and broaden relative skills and sensitivites to school/profession. No hours are awarded for teaching confirmation, leading a youth group, teaching Sunday school, or for jury duty.


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