CHS Counseling Office

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What to Do if you or your Student need help at School?
Students are able to come to the Counseling Office during the school day if they have an appointment, or just need to talk. Students can ask Teachers if they can come to the Counseling Office. If we are unavailable students can write their name on our doors and we will call them down later. 
Please call us with any questions or concerns

Who is in the Counseling Office?
Jill Carlson- Crookston Public Schools School Psychologist
Leah Zimmerman- CHS School Counselor
Ray Lutovsky- CHS School Counselor
NorthWest Mental Health Specialists 

What services do we provide?

School Counselors
- We advocate for students in the three areas of Academics, College/Career, Social/Emotional
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School Psychologist-

NorthWest Mental Health-Students can be referred to NWMH to meet with a Therapist and they set up a weekly time to meet at school.