Gary Stegman

Gary Stegman



Welcome to the Art Department webpage.  
Please look on the links below to find specific class information.

This is my 31st year of teaching, and I have taught Art in Crookston since 1992.  I also teach studio art courses at UMC, and have taught there since 2012.  Mr. Curry and I co-advice FCA.  In the fall, I coach football.  I like to keep busy.

The Art Department is divided into four levels.  The first level is the required Art 9 course.  This class is 9 weeks long and is the "A" within the CCAT rotation.  The second level is Drawing I/Painting I/CeramicsI.  These classes are all about technique.  The third level includes Drawing II/PaintingII/Ceramics II.  These classes are about thinking creatively, and are all for College in the High School credit.  The fourth level is Art Seminar.  This class is an independent study approach for advanced students.  

The Art program at Crookston High School is filled with traditions.  We travel on a regular basis to museums and other destinations in Minneapolis and Chicago.  We regularly compete in art competitions.  In the 11 years the state Art Exhibition has existed, we have sent 14 students.  Join us as we have worked hard to build and identity within the school, and prepare for the future.