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High School Distance Learning 

What to Expect During the Temporary Distance Learning Period?

All students will learn from home five days per week following a consistent schedule.  Students learning time during this distance learning period will include both live and self-paced learning.

Live class sessions conducted via Zoom.  Students will have live instruction in each of their classes twice a week.  Each class will be 35 minutes.

Recorded video lessons and offline assignments posted in Google classroom for students to work on independently each week.

Temporary Distance Learning Schedule for December

Distance Learning Schedule

Planning Days will be Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th.  On these days students will not be expected to zoom or complete google classroom work.

Zooming/Synchronous Days will be required on the designated color day.  Blue day students will zoom on Mondays and Thursdays Gold day students will zoom on Tuesdays and FridaysWednesday, November 25th both Blue and Gold students will be expected to attend classes via zoom.  

Crookston High School Temporary Distance Learning Zoom Schedule

Google Classroom/Asynchronous Days will be required on days students are not zooming.  Assignments and activities will be posted to google classroom by 8:00 a.m. White days are asynchronous for both blue and gold students. 

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