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The price tag of College can look very intimidating. There are ways to help you pay for college​ and being proactive is the best. (See more resources to the right)

  1. Create a budget for school-  Compare the prices at each school including all expenses and then compare which one is the better fit for your budget.

  2. Different Ways You Can Pay for College:

    1. Savings/Work- Working and saving money is a good way to pay for college. Make a budget, talk with your financial aid office at the college you are interested in and figure out what you can do to borrow the least amount of money.

    2. Federal Loans-If you need to borrow money and want to apply for a federal loan, you will need to complete the ‘Free Application for Federal Student Aid’, applications open October 1. (The longer you wait the less funding there will be.) You can complete the FAFSA here:

    3. Personal Loans- You can borrow personal loans from private lenders

    4. Scholarships- Check at CHS, the financial aid sites of the schools you are interested in, and online state wide and nation wide.

    5. Grants- Grants are also free and something you want to look for via college financial aid offices and online.​

  3. If you have any questions about the cost of college, contact the Financial Aid office at the school you are interested in. They can answer your questions, and ask a lot of questions.

  4. See the helpful tools on the Right Side Menu on this page.

Mrs. Zimmerman's Financial Aid Presentaiton

Scholarship How To

Use the steps below to help in finding and applying for Scholarships


  1. Where to find scholarships?

    1. Check the Scholarships on this page, on the right side menu.​

    2. Colleges- Search the financial aid page of the colleges you are interested in to find Scholarships

    3. GoingMerry-

      1. Students create a profile and the website will match you to scholarships that you are eligible for​

    4. Nation Wide Search Sites:

  2. Preparing to apply:

    1. Make a list (or resumé) including:

      1. Activities

      2. Volunteer Work

      3. Jobs held

      4. Awards received

      5. References- people that can speak on behalf of you (non-relative)

    2. Make a list of scholarships (in a spreadsheet in google drive):

      1. What scholarships you want to apply for

      2. When the due date is

      3. Where the application is; in the counseling office (paper), online

      4. Information you need to include in application- transcript, letter of recommendation, list of activities, etc. 

  3. Helpful Tips:

    1. You should NEVER pay to submit your scholarship application!

    2. If you need recommendation letters, give those individuals at least 2 weeks to write one for you AND give them your resumé or list of activities (use your resumé log in your personal learning plan)

    3. If you spent 1 hour writing an essay for a $500 scholarship and won, you just made $500 an hour! (That is worth your time and effort!) 

    4. The more Scholarships you apply for the more opportunities there could be! (Apply to 1,000!! Who doesn’t want free money!)





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