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Curriculum & Instruction

Crookston Public Schools offers Driver Education to students enrolled in Crookston Public Schools. Sessions will be offered in the fall, spring, and summer to accommodate students needs.

To obtain a driver's license before the age of 18. the State of Minnesota Requires the following:

  • Completion of 30 hours of Classroom Training

  • Completion of 6 hours Behind the Wheel Training

  • Supervised Driving Log.  The driving log must be presented at the time of the road test and submitted with the application for the provisional license. Parents/guardians have two options regarding the supervised driving log:

    • Complete a supplemental parent class provided by a driver education program approved in Minnesota, and then submit a supervised driving log showing their teen has completed at least 40 hours (2,400 minutes) of supervised driving, 15 (900 minutes) of which are nighttime hours; OR

    • If the parent/guardian chooses to not complete the supplemental parent class, the driving log must show that their teen has completed at least 50 hours (3,000 minutes) of supervised driving, 15 (900 minutes) of which are nighttime hours.

  • Supplement Parent Meetings will be held throughout the year for driver education classes. A completion certificate will be required at the time of the road test should the student choose 40 hours of supervised driving of which 15 hours are at night.

The fee for Driver Education is $325 (Includes Classroom & 6 hours of Behind the Wheel Instruction).  The fee MUST be paid on or before the first day of class!  There will be NO refunds once the course has started should a student fail or drop out or the Driver Education Program.  There will be NO exceptions to this policy. Students need to schedule Driver Education as a priority and need to be prepared to complete all assigned work to complete the course!

Trostad Chris HES.jpg
Chris Trostad

Driver Education Director

801 Central Ave. N.

Crookston, MN 56716

Phone: (218) 281-5600 x2409


Required Documentation

Students must present to the examiner a Certified copy of their Birth Certificate and Social Security Card (not laminated) before they can take the test.

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