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Temporary Distance Learning 

For the health and safety of all students, staff and families, as a district we are going Distance Learning Temporarily starting Monday, November 23 through Wednesday, December 9th.  During this period, November 23-24 will be Teacher Planning days with November 25th being the first day of instruction.  This is not the same emergency distance learning you experienced in the spring.  Our teaching staff has been improving upon the distance learning. 


Here's what your students and families can expect:

  • Consistent schedule with virtual and offline learning; live and self-paced

  • Consistent learning platform via school-issued iPads and Chromebooks


What does Temporary Distance Learning Mean?

All students will learn from home five days per week following a consistent schedule.  Students learning time during this distance learning period will include both live and self-paced learning.

Live Instruction

Live, virtual classes with teachers.  This is sometimes referred to as synchronous learning.

Self-Paced Learning

Students work on their own time and learn through recorded lessons and teacher-directed assignments, using online or offline materials.  This is sometimes referred to as asynchronous learning.

Distance Learning Details

Click on the icons to learn more about how different buildings will operate during this distance learning period.

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high school building icon

High School

School-Age Childcare

School-Age Childcare will be provided for those already registered and extended to parents identified as an essential sector employee under the Governor's safety plan.  To limit the spread of Covid-19 we are housing this program out of all three buildings and will be grouping by families.  If you are a qualifying essential sector employee and wish to sign up for this program please contact you child's school as soon as possible.

Food Service Program

We will be providing a free meal service during this temporary distance learning period, starting November, 23 on all regularly scheduled school days.  We will be providing a Grab-and-Go option as well as Delivery option.  The Delivery option is reserved for individuals within city limits who are not able to access the Grab-and-Go option. 


Click the following links to learn more:​

Meal Service Procedures

Meal Delivery Request

Menu (Dec. 7- 22)

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