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Graduation Requirements

To earn a diploma from Crookston High School, you must earn 24 credits as listed in the academic areas. You can check your progress on Skyward under the Graduation Requirements module.
One Semester (half a year) = ½ (.5) credit

English- 4 Credits

  • English 9 - Literature & Comp (1 credit)

  • English 10 - Literature & Comp (1 credit)

  • English 11 – US Literature I, II (1 credit)

  • English 12 – Senior English or Other English Course (1 credit)

Social Studies- 4 Credits

  • Social 9 – Intro to Social Science (.5 credit)

  • World Geography (.5 credit)

  • World History I, II (1 credit)

  • US History I, II (1 credit)

  • Economics (.5 credit)

  • American Government .5 credit or AP Government (.5 credit)

Mathematics- 3 Credits

  • Algebra I (1 credit)

  • Geometry (1 credit)

  • Algebra II (1 credit)

Science- 3 Credits

  • Physical Science 9 (1 credit)

  • Biology I, II (1 credit)

  • Chemistry or Physics (1 credit) 

Physical Education and Health- 1.5 Credits

  • Physical Education 9 (.5 credit)

  • Physical Education 10 (.5 credit)

  • Health (.5 credit)

Art- 1 Credit

  • Art Elective (1 credit)

Electives- 7.5 Credits

  • Students must earn an additional (7.5 credits) as electives

    *See additional information on HONOR ROLL and Graduation Ceremony information in the student handbook

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More Resources

Educational Plan Outline 

7th & 8th Grade Required classes
9th - 12th grade required courses

College Class Options

Crookston High School offers College Credit Courses through three different options. They are:
1. College in the High School (CIHS)
2. Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)
3. Advanced Placement (AP) Option.
*Page numbers are referring to the course information in the Course Registration Guide, this information is also listed there.

1. College In the High School

CIHS Program Mission: is for students to earn college and high school credit simultaneously, in the high school setting, while transitioning into a post-secondary mindset. Students learn time management, practice independent and critical thinking skills, shoulder a new levels of accountability, all while learning rigorous content.
The College in the High School program is a dual enrollment partnership between Crookston High School and the University of Minnesota Crookston. CIHS courses are College level courses that come with more responsibility.
2. Postsecondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)

Taking PSEO courses comes with a lot of responsibility. You are essentially a college student, needing to communicate with your professor, keeping up with your assignments and grades.
CHS does not check your grades or communicate with your professors.
PSEO students are also responsible to stay connected to CHS for any announcements etc. Students are able to take PSEO courses at a MN post-secondary institution offering PSEO classes if the student is at Junior or Senior status, holds a minimum 2.75 GPA, and meets admissions requirements of the institution.
These courses are taken at the post-secondary institution of choice or online, and the courses are dual credit (counting toward High School diploma and College degree). CHS students do not pay tuition and fees. They are responsible for their own transportation. Classes offered is dependent on the institutions PSEO courses offered.
*To register for PSEO courses you must register with the high school.

3. Advanced Placement (AP)

AP courses are taken at CHS and taught by CHS teachers. AP courses are two semesters long (one full year). AP courses are rigorous college level courses. To earn college credit for the AP course you need to take the AP exam at the end of the course and depending on your score on the AP exam determines if you receive college credit or not. You will want to check with the post-secondary institution of your choice about what score you need on your AP exam to earn college credit at that post-secondary institution.
Current CHS AP course offerings:
AP Biology (see pg. 38)
AP Government (see pg. 40)
AP Literature (see pg. 23)

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