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Pirate Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Crookston High School Hall of Fame is to recognize and honor special achievement by individuals who have exemplified, developed, encouraged and fostered positive traits and attributes to enhance the stature of Crookston High School and School District #593's extracurricular activities and their important role in developing life long skills.


Four categories have been established from which nominees will come from:

  1. Distinguished Crookston High School Alumni

  2. Faculty Staff and Administration

  3. Fine Arts

  4. Athletics

Membership is reserved for a candidate who has met the following qualifications:

  • Has graduated from Crookston High School ten (10) years prior to nomination and/or

  • Has served the School District in a capacity that considerable contributed to the well being of the district and it's students and/or

  • Has demonstrated how contributions to and success in our society in chosen field reflects the quality and stature of the School District and/or

  • Has unselfishly supported the School District in ways that considerably contributed to the well being of the district and its students and staff.


Anyone may nominate an individual to the Crookston High School Pirate Hall of Fame. 

Nomination Deadline:  March 1st

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